Sewage Backup Removal in Bay City, MI

Severe weather and floods usually pop into mind when many Bay City residents think of hazards. But many hazards can hit within your own home or business. Sewer overflow is a household issue that can become far worse if untreated. Whether it’s a small bathtub backup or a severely backed up toilet, coming in contact with any kind of sewage water is hazardous. Rather than risking your health, call Paul Davis to handle it.

Why Do I Need Professionals?

The gross factor is not the sole reason to avoid sewer water. Backups of any size can bring gray and black water into your home or even leak disease into your drinking water. Even usable water can bring disease in stagnant water. Raw sewer water, for instance can contain E. Coli, Leptospirosis and other hazardous diseases.

If the leak or overflow is starting from the toilet trap or beyond, it may contain black water that has come in contact with raw sewage. Black water often holds or has met with human waste and stays stagnant enough to host harmful pathogens. Black water may also be found in lake and river water. If you experience a black water overflow at your residence or storefront, call the Paul Davis experts promptly.

Your Sewer Cleaning Company

Call Paul now if you encounter a sewage leak. With years of training, we understand the best ways to deal with the hazardous chemicals in black and gray water safely. Call our branch in Bay City with any questions you may have. The longer you hesitate to treat water or sewer damage, the more serious the issue will become. Contact us today!