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From Our Marketing Desk – News Updates & Fun Activities

At Paul Davis Restoration, we enjoy our marketing efforts and we work hard to make our information useful with a bit of fun thrown in for good measure.

Below you will find answers to our most recent marketing games and brain teasers.

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Contest Information

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Football Contest – 2018!!

The NFL Football Regular Season started September 6th. We post our football contest sheet each week for you to download and fill out.

Please return the contest sheets each Thursday by 5pm to be eligible to enter the contest.

Best of luck everyone!

Click on the link below to download your contest form.

football contest week 1 2018 – We are off to a great start for our contest season. 33 agencies participated this week. 16 agencies got less than 9 correct. 10 got 10 correct. 5 got ll correct. 1 got 12 correct – oh so close, but our winner with 13 correct is Mid-Michigan Agency in Shepherd. Congratulations!.

football contest week 2 2018 – This week was a bit tougher than last week. Most participants got less than 9 correct, 4 got 10 and only one got 11. Our winner is the AAA Mt. Pleasant office. Congrats!.

football contest week 3 2018  Well, we have a first time winner! Great job Bonham Insurance in Harrison, winner of week #4..

football contest week 4 2018 Participation was down a bit this week. Don’t forget to select your winners and get them sent in by Thursday. This week’s winner by a nose was Diebold Agency out of West Branch. They won with a one point advantage over the nearest contender, Mike Saum State Farm out of White Cloud.  Click on the link below to get your Week #5 contest sheet, and best of luck..

football contest week 5 2018 We have a first time winner. Congratulations goes to the Weaver Meemic Agency in downtown Bay City. They nailed the tie breaker points to win our Week #5 Contest.

football contest week 6 2018 Congratulations Sedgwick – Independent Adjusters, Bay City. Great job picking the winners this week..

football contest week 7 2018 We have another first time winner this week. Faithfully playing pays off again. Congratulations Builders Plumbing Supply in Midland. 

football contest week 8 2018 We are on a roll for first time winners. This week it is the Karen Tremble Farm Bureau Agency in Standish-with 13 correct. We had to go with the tie breaker because the Moegenborg Farm Bureau in Mt. Pleasant also had 13 correct. Thanks for playing..

football contest week 9 2018  And the winner is……Farm Bureau of Essexville, Shane Schmidt Agency. This weeks winner had 11 correct and they were another first time winner. We had 28 agencies play this week. Only one got 11 correct. Two got 10 correct. There were many that got 8 or 9 correct. Most everyone was thrown off by the Titans winning over the Cowboys. It’s the human factor. 😉

football contest week 10 2018 It was a tough week for football. The most correct this week was 9. We had 7 entrees that got 9 correct. We had 10 entrees that got 8 correct. And the winner by a nose with the closest score to the tie-breaker was Tri-County Agency in Tawas. Congratulations!

Notice: I have sad news for everyone who has been enjoying our contest. We are discontinuing the contest due to fairly low participation rates. It takes quite a bit of time to create the contest sheets and compile the scores each week. Because of the time involved and the lower number of participants, we have decided that the time and effort could be used elsewhere. Sorry everyone. Stay tuned, we might be back in for the playoffs and Superbowl. We will keep you posted.

We will, of course, finish bringing lunch to the winners of the previous contests.

Thank you everyone for playing – Laurie.

If you have any questions contact:


Fax: 989-486-3459