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From Our Marketing Desk – News Updates & Fun Activities

At Paul Davis Restoration, we enjoy our marketing efforts and we work hard to make our information useful with a bit of fun thrown in for good measure.

Below you will find answers to our most recent marketing games and brain teasers.

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Contest Information

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Summer Bingo Blast!!

BingoWe draw numbers Monday through Friday of each week and post them here and on our Facebook page.

There will be four games played with four different prizes.

1st Game: Regular Bingo – $25 visa gift card

2nd Game: 4 Corners – $25 visa gift card

3rd Game: Letter X – $50 visa gift card

4th Game: Cover All – $100 visa gift card

Bingo Numbers Pulled:

Week # 1

May 15 – N-32 & N-42

May 16 – G-52 & I-16

May 17 – O-72 & I-29

May 18 – B-4 & B-12

May 19 – B-8 & O-61

Week # 2

May 22 – I-26 & O-67

May 23 – I-25 & G-54

May 24 –  B-6 & I-23

May 25 – I-18 & B-11

May 26 – G-57 & N-40

We have our first winner. Congratulations goes out to Ann at the Schumacher Agency in Clare.

Keep playing on your cards. The next game is 4-Corners.

We have our 2nd winner. Congratulations to Patty at the Schumacher Agency in Beaverton. Two lucky ladies in one day from the same agency. Next game up: Letter-X.

Week #3 (Letter X Game)

Monday – Memorial Day Holiday

May 30 – B-1 & I-27

May 31 – G-55 & O-73

June 1 – B-7 & N-41

June 2 – O-69 & N-38

Week #4

June 5 – O-70 & N-45

June 6 – N-33 & O-68

June 7 – G-53 & I-28

June 8 -B-10 & O-75

June 9 – N-43 & N-44

Week #5

June 12 – B-14 & I-20

June 13 –  B-9 & G-48

June 14 & 15: I-19, I-21, N-31 and G-59. Sorry they are late – been very busy. 🙂

We have our Letter-X game winner. Congratulations goes out to Jamie from Doehring Schultz Insurance Agency – Winner by a nose. Jamie was the first of 6 people who had bingo today. Her notification was sent just six minutes before the 2nd notification.  Thanks everyone for playing. We have one game left – Cover All.

June 16 – N-35 & N-39 (we are working toward our Cover All game)

Week #6

June 19 – N-36 and O-74

June 20 – G-51 & O-71

June 21 – I-24 & G-50

June 22 – B-15 & G-46 (Sorry for the earlier type-o)

June 23 – B-3 & B-5

Notice: No numbers will be pulled on Monday – Laurie is taking a long weekend break. 😉

Week #7

June 27 – I-17 & G-60

June 28 – G-47 & G-58

And we have our final winner!! Congratulations goes out to Amy from Bay County Farm Bureau. She sent in the winning cover all card.

Stay tuned. There is too much summer left to not play another game. What is next??