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CE Classes

Paul Davis provides continuing education to insurance and other professionals. The property damage restoration industry is complex and ever-changing. It is important to stay current with this industry’s knowledge and trends. The Paul Davis CE program exceeds expectations and standards. Approved instructors are dynamic, enthusiastic, and passionate about course topics. The program has been designed to provide insurance agents and adjusters with up-to-date and relevant information. All continuing education classes are approved for credit according to state rules and guidelines.

Course Number, Name & Credits

  • 71361 Before The Disaster (3 credits)
  • 71362 After the Disaster (3 credits)
  • 70132 Contents (1 credit)
  • 73935 Claims – Policy & Practice (3 credits)
  • 70133 Deodorization (1 credit)
  • 72097 Ethics: Decision Making Tools for Insurance Professionals (3 credits)
  • 73934 Ethics & Insurance (3 credits)
  • 72096 Evaluating Claims Involving Wood Flooring (3 credits)
  • 74274 Fire! (1 credit)
  • 73933 Fire & Smoke Losses (3 credits)
  • 73932 Fixing Bad – The Clean Up of Meth Labs
  • 74275 Going Green (2 credits)
  • 73931 Hoarding and Insurance Claims (2 credits)
  • 71364 How the Water Source Affects the Claim (1 credit)
  • 73930 Ineffective Drying and Fraud (3 credits)
  • 72397 Inventory and Evaluation for Property Losses (3 credits)
  • 74276 Lead Safety (3 credits)
  • 73929 Mold and Water Claims (3 credits)
  • 72398 Mold Prevention (3 credits)
  • 73928 National Flood Insurance Program (3 credits)
  • 70134 Pack Out Inventory Systems (1 credit)
  • 70136 Review Process for Water Mitigation Claims (3 credits)
  • 71365 Roofing  (2 credits)
  • 72400 Smoke and Odor Damage Mitigation (3 credits)
  • 74277 Soft Contents Restoration (4 credits)
  • 71366 The Role of Technology in the Claims Process (1 credit)
  • 73927 The Science of Applied Structural Drying (3 credits)
  • 73936 Trauma Recovery Services (2 credits)
  • 70135 Wind Mitigation (1 credit)

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Upcoming Classes: 

March 28th, 2018 – Wednesday

73933 – Fire & Smoke Losses (9am -12pm) 3 Credits

Upon completion of this course, the participant will understand the issues relating to fire and smoke losses as they pertain to coverage, technical issues of spread and acceleration, and procedural expectations of insurance professionals. A discussion will include a review of the anatomy of fire and smoke as well as investigative procedures and fraud overviews. There will also be a discussion of construction techniques as they pertain to fire losses.

73928 – National Flood Insurance (12:30pm – 3:30pm) 3 Credits

This interactive course is designed to familiarize insurance professionals and commercial property owners/managers with the eligibility, rules, and coverage of the National Flood Insurance Program. In many states, this is a required component for the renewal of licenses. This course covers basic information about the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), types and regulations of various policies available, the need for this program, and a discussion of the some of the perils and property covered by these policies.

May 29th, 2018 – Tuesday

73934 – Ethics & Insurance (9am -12pm) 3 Credits

Participants will obtain an in-depth analysis of the abstract and real-world practices to ethical behavior in the marketing and selling of insurance. This course and the discussions will include the foundations for insurance ethics, insurance professionals’ responsibilities, unfair trade/settlement practices, and end with a review of nationally recognized Codes of Ethics available.

73932 – Fixing Bad: The Clean Up Of Meth Labs (12:30pm – 3:30pm) 3 Credits

Participants will be able to better understand the definition of a meth lab and the many hazards they present to the community at large. Descriptions of types of labs and what insurance carriers and property managers should be on the lookout for will be discussed. The course also shares examples of what meth looks like both as a drug and how it affects the user.

Note: Please make sure your name is spelled the same as on your license. The State Of Michigan will not recognize shortened names or nick names. You will loose out on your credits if not correct. – Thanks

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